It’s normal to feel confused and hurt after a breakup. She’s probably the only thing you’re thinking about right now, and you want so desperately to win her back. To win her back, you’ll need to time your moves carefully. Otherwise, you may ruin your chances of ever getting back together. The most important thing you can do is not panic. Here are some tips on how to get your ex girlfriend back fast.

Be Mature and Respectful

Be mature and respectful after your breakup. Don’t act desperate. You may want to call her or text her and ask her to get back together right away, but this will only make things worse. Excessive calling and texting is borderline stalking, and that’s the last thing you want to do. Desperation is not an attractive quality. You both need time to think about what happened and to clear your heads. If you can be mature and respectful, she will be more open to the idea of learning how to get back your ex girlfriend.

how to get back your ex girlfriend

Work on Yourself

Take the time to start working on yourself. If the breakup was caused by something that you said or did, take the steps to change your behavior. If she was pushing you to face your fears or to kick a bad habit, show her that you can do these things. If she can see for herself that you’re capable of change, then she may be more open to rekindling your romance.

This is also a great time to start working on your appearance. Exercise more, eat healthier and take care of yourself. You need to take back control of your life. You may be feeling depressed, jealous, angry or even hateful, but if you let yourself go and wallow in these feelings, you’ll never get her back. Besides, taking better care of yourself will only make her more attracted to you.

Send Her a Sweet Text

After you’ve given each other space, you can send her a short but sweet text. Again, avoid sounding desperate here. Remind her of a fun time the two of you had and how that memory made you think of her. Don’t tell her that you miss her or that you really wish you could try working things out. Text Your Ex Back has some great advice on how to send the right kind of text.

Don’t send her a message every 10 minutes. Start out by sending one and see if she responds. If she does, it’s important to take things slow. Let her know that you’re thinking of her, but that you’re still carrying on with your life. As time goes on, you can start talking to each other more often and see where it leads you.

If she’s open to the idea of getting back together, you’ll need to focus on building a new relationship with her. Forget the past and anything that the two of you may have done or said to hurt each other. Bringing the past into your new relationship will only make it more difficult to move on and work past your issues.

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